Warm Memories of Bordeaux

It may be rainy season in Seattle now, but our heads are still full of warm memories from our recent trip to Bordeaux. The weather was fantastic for most of our trip- sunny and hot, exactly what the growers needed (though the last few weeks have proven more challenging for them, unfortunately!). While the jury is still out on how the 2013 vintage will turn out, our 2013 trip was one for the record books.

Over 12 days, we visited 22 Chateaux, ate numerous meals lasting hours apiece, sampled many promising wines, enjoyed a few beautiful older bottles, and Christina attempted to try every possible preparation of foie gras. Our conclusion – the region of Bordeaux is an absolute gem – with a thriving metropolitan core reminiscent of a mini-Paris, with 10,000 Chateaux and 57 appelations in the surrounding area, we couldn’t stop snapping pictures and marveling over the fact that people live and work amidst this beautiful landscape every day.

We’ll be taking you through a day-by-day overview of the highlights written from our collective perspective. Here are a few quick highlights:

The captivating Pichon Baron.
The captivating Pichon Baron.
Bordeaux 2013 2779
Chateau Haut-Brion.
The town of Sauternes was a beautiful surprise.
The town of Sauternes was a sweet surprise.
Christina in Bordeaux city.  Don't let that McDonald's in the back fool you - the food in Bordeaux is fantastic!
Christina in Bordeaux city. Don’t let the Golden Arches in the back fool you – the food in Bordeaux is fantastic!

Next up, Krug makes its first appearance, and what’s up with that duck??

Duck, duck...
Duck, duck…

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