A Very Krug Welcome to You

Bordeaux 2013 3508
Bob in St. Emillion.

We were barely off the plane and settled into our first hotel, the beautiful Cordeillan-Bages in the heart of Bages city, when we caught up with Jean-Charles Cazes, whose family owns the Lynch Bages Estates. We’ve met Jean-Charles in Seattle many times over the years for the Bordeaux Fete dinners, but it was nice to have a chance to catch up at a normal (though jet-lagged) pace.

We heard about Jean-Charles’ latest travels to Brazil over appetizers and enjoyed the perfect start-off to the trip – a bottle of Krug. Ever the gentleman, Jean-Charles went over our itinerary with us and suggested a few additions – including setting up a very fun lunch we’ll describe later.

He was a great host, and he was absolutely right about one thing – he DOES know a great cure for jet-lag – we highly recommend Krug for a great night’s sleep!

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