Carry-On Wine

Pre-September 11,2001, there were all sorts of things being taken on planes that we know better than to take now.  Safety concerns aside, the one thing I do miss being able to do is carry wine onto a plane.

We honeymooned in Bali in August of 2001, and I packed up a few essentials for the trip.  My new wife of just days picked up my carry-on at one point and jokingly said, “Good grief that’s heavy.  What’ve you got in there – bottles of wine??”

Little did she know.  I not only had a bottle of 1990 Pol Roger Sir Winston Churchill, I also had over 150 tealights, and a big Bic lighter – the kind you use to start a fireplace fire.  While she slept one late afternoon, I set it all up.  When she awoke, magic.  (Okay, so I had to wake her up before the candles burned out.)


It was more than worth the extra effort, believe me!  Alas, I won’t be repeating that trick anytime soon…can’t imagine the field day TSA would have with that now!

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