40 With Friends

When my 40th rolled around, we thought Napa sounded like fun, and mentioned it to a few friends.  In the blink of an eye, we had a tripped planned (well, it seemed that way to me – maybe not so much to my wife!).  Fourteen friends made the treck and made my 40th quite memorable.

Me and wife Christina at Etoile.

In addition to a day of wine tasting, she arranged dinner the Domaine Chandon restaurant Etoile on the night we arrived.  I shipped wine out for the occasion, and it turned out to be an amazing dinner:

Bob 40th Menu0001

We began the evening with three different champagnes, and then we paired dinner with a magnum of 1990 Chateau La Louviere, a magnum of 1998 Sorella, a magnum of 1998 L’Ecole 41 (Seven Hills Cabernet), and a magnum of 2003 Pichon Baron.  With the Foie Gras course we enjoyed a 1989 Rieussec.  For dessert – a 1977 Porto Rocha Port.

Somewhere along the way to dinner, two of our friends, Laurie and Heidi, decided that drastic measures must be taken in order to “preserve our palates” (prevent massive hangovers) for wine tasting the next day.  The two enterprising ladies purchased a kitchen timer in the shape of a ladybug, which they set to go off at intervals during the evening.  Every time the ladybug rang, everyone reached for their water glasses.  Hilarity ensued, along with a good bit of hydration.

In so many ways it was an unforgettable evening – and we all managed to survive the evening – thanks in no small part to Heidi and Laurie and their ladybugs!

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